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Attendees Reviews for "It's Never Too Late: Finding Joy in the Second Half of Life":


"Loved the positive topic and suggestions to go toward "Joy," and to use the bridge of possibilities. It was great, very basic and easy to understand."

"It was an outstanding presentation focused on acceptance and embracing that which cannot be changed when the emphasis is usually on how to get rid of it - a different way to look at it - OUT OF THE BOX!"

"Sue is excellent! This presentation is very meaningful. Great guidelines for finding and keeping joy in my life. Thank you, Sue!"

"The fact that she made go deep within myself - she gave me the ability to see that I can forgive myself."


Sue's Clients' Reviews:


"Sue Legacy was my therapist during a difficult period in my life. In particular, she helped me resolve some co-dependency problems that were threatening the stability of our family. Sue is calm, empathetic, supportive and insightful. A wonderful listener, she provided me with a safe environment where I could go each week to talk through and better understand these problems. In time, with her helpful guidance, I was able to move beyond co-dependency and return to a more balanced life. Anyone would be fortunate to have her as their therapist." - M.D., client, Austin, Texas, 2012.

 "Sue has been a lifesaver for me. She has a wonderful ability to know when to listen and when to offer gentle guidance. She truly cares, and this comes through in her attentive listening. The environment she creates is nurturing and non-judgmental. It is an environment of trust and respect. She has helped me move from feeling hopeless to hopeful and from feeling helpless to feeling empowered. Her help is one that will last me a lifetime." K.Z., client, Austin, Texas, 2012.


"I'm a bottom line type of guy. I never had a personal, one-on-one therapist outside of couples' marriage counseling. I was a hardcore skeptic of people who "needed" a counselor. I did not think that my sessions would provide me with more than evidence to show my wife that I was actively engaged in addressing my issues.

"So, bottom line, I was completely wrong. Sue Legacy has been nothing short of a blessing from God to my life. I've maintained sessions for over six years. Sue challenged me in areas that I myself knew I needed to explore. Standard M.O. for a therapist might call for this challenging aspect from your doctor, but the method used by Sue included the proper amounts of pushing, understanding, patient self-reliance and personal growth to explore my issues. As a man who focuses on facts, it helped tremendously that my questions regarding medication options, therapeutic norms, problem indicators and genetic links were always fully informed discussions that laid out Sue's extensive knowledge across multiple elements of her profession. My sessions with Sue included wrap-up statements that offered me tangible and executable self-evaluation, introspectively-framed questions which gave me a sense of progress because I had items to meditate on before our next discussion.

"I am a somewhat busy individual, and Sue's ability to work with and around my work/family/church schedules was another benefit that helped increase the positive experiences I had with her practice. Administratively, I found Sue and her staff ready and willing to partner with me to resolve any insurance/billing concerns.

"Sue has unique gifts and special skills that turned my life around. Thank you and God bless." Sincerely, respectively and appreciatively, L.P., client, Austin, Texas, 2012.

 I have been a patient of Sue Legacy's for a few years, and I can truly say that my life has immensely changed because of her. After several years of untreated post-partum depression, I came to Sue to help me cope with the many struggles I had been facing in life. After the first year, I began to see a dramatic change in myself, and how I handled the things going on around me. With the strategies Sue has taught me, I am able recognize things that would have previously caused me to go into a downward spiral, and quickly turn things back in a positive direction. I feel better about myself, and the choices I make for my own life, as well as, those I make for my family. Through sessions with Sue, I discovered myself as a person, and not just a wife and a mom. I discovered my passions, and am now able to see them as more than just dreams or wishful thinking. Because of the work I’ve done with Sue, I look forward to the future, but more importantly, I am excited about today." - V.R., client, Austin, Texas, 2012.

"Sue Legacy is a very warm, kind, caring person who exhibits these qualities in her practice. Sue helped me with my disorder OCD and anxiety. Living in the present was something she really stressed. Giving me relaxation exercises and deep breathing helped with the anxiety. She taught me some tapping which helped with anxiety and pain. When I was ruminating or obsessing about something she helped me go back to my thoughts – what were my thoughts before I started obsessing? I was in pain from an accident and dealt with reframing my thoughts. Accepting my painful condition was something I have had to learn. This was very helpful. Overcoming my fear of falling after my accident was accomplished with Sue’s help. 

I took a leave of absence from work and Sue was so helpful in helping come up with things I could do at home while recovering. She was very helpful the day I came to her office and was starting the process of the leave of absence. Sue stayed in contact with my Psychiatrist concerning my medication. I appreciated Sue keeping in touch with my Psychiatrist. Whatever need I had, Sue helped me tackle the issue.

I felt helped and looked forward to our visits each week. Her office was a comfortable place to cry, talk, and learn. Crying is so healing. I will miss Sue very much. I was blessed to have had a wonderful and caring and helpful counselor." - S.K., client, Austin, Texas, 2012.