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Psychotherapy for Older Adults

At this time of life, we have a wide range of life stressors. These are sometimes called psychosocial stressors, since they can come in the form of biological, psychological or social stress. Often, we are holding on to a past regret, or grudge against someone, about which we are not even aware; all we know is that we are just not happy with our life.

My approach is based on the idea that your personal thoughts and beliefs can add to your stress and overwhelm you. Quite naturally, you might think someone else or a certain situation is to blame for your stress. That's a normal human reaction. We each have automatic but sometimes inaccurate thoughts or beliefs when we react to certain situations.

These "wrongly tuned" thoughts often lead us to experience anxiety, fear, depression or anger - resulting in stress. Often we are not even aware how large a role they play in our lives. All we may know is that something is not working, and we feel stressed out.

Working together in our sessions, I'll help you become aware of your thoughts and beliefs about the stressors that are occurring in your life. This will enable you to respond and behave in a healthier way for your own benefit -- even if the situation itself hasn't changed. Once you discover this new way of looking at stress, you will begin to notice all the gifts and benefits that were there all along! A new world can open up for you. You will be able to see reality for what it is rather than what you wished it could be. And the gifts you discover can be lasting rather than just about momentary change.


Our life is what our thoughts make of it.
— Marcus Aurelius


Coaching 3-Step Process


Identification of the stress/stressors - Identify the thoughts and beliefs around those issues causing worry and stress.


Learn ways to adapt to the stress.


Adopt new perspective and discover clarity, increased motivation and productivity in your work and home life.


Our desired result is for you to identify, acknowledge and accept the stressors in your life. Of course with some stress you can take action. If not, once you learn to accept what is without judgement, you can change your attitude and perspective, see that stress in a different light, and find the peace of mind and joy you seek.



Options for Coaching


option 1 - Individual sessions

Once a week coaching; 4-week commitment minimum. 

First session - 90 minutes

Follow up sessions - 60 minutes

Unlimited e-mails for questions



Option 2

1 month package - 3 sessions; unlimited emails


Option 3

90-day program; weekly sessions.



How Sue Can Help:


Inspirational and motivational keynote speeches.


Educational curriculum presentations on ways to manage stress and anxiety.


Workshops tailored to meet your needs.


Individual and group Psychotherapy


Find Joy in the moment!



Experience the moment. Find your passion. Discover your joy.

This discovery can unleash and uncover the joy that is already there. This discovery is what is known as "bursting with joy."