Helping people stay motivated and productive under stress

About Sue Legacy

About Sue Legacy

Education -M.S.W. Social Work / B.A. Sociology 

Credentials - LCSW - Licensed Clinical Social Worker/Texas, LISW - Licensed Clinical Social Work/New Mexico/ ACSW - Academy of Certified Social Workers 

Organizations - N.A.S.W. - National Association of Social Workers, Past member of TTN --The Transition Network - National community of women 50 and forward. 

Publications - The Joy of Nada: A Memoir of Self-Discovery, The Joy of Anxiety: Transforming your Worry to Wonder in the Second Half of Life, The Courage to.....Nine Authors Speak Out on How to Find Courage and Live Your Best Life - Contributing author.

Training - E.M.D.R. Level II Trainer / Savvy Caregiver Training with Alzheimers Association - educating adult caregivers of Alzheimers, other dementias and memory loss.



It all started when...

Sue Legacy went on a journey to find a solution to her anxiety – one that would take her from doctors who wanted to medicate her, to a therapist who refused to diagnose or label her, to her trusty dog, Nada, who taught her lessons about dealing with stress, fear, and anxiety.

As a psychotherapist for over 20 years, she has helped hundreds of adults manage their stress and anxieties. What her clients didn’t know is that Sue had her own struggles with anxiety – so bad that at one point she could not write her own name without shaking uncontrollably! 

Despite public speaking being one of her fears, she discovered how to challenge that fear and bring new light to one of her mottos, "Face your fear and find your joy."    

Today, Sue speaks nationally to audiences about her unique approach to overcoming stress, and what most therapists, doctors and stress experts won’t tell you about how to be happy, productive and motivated even in the midst of worry and stress.

Sue returned to her native Texas after living in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She lives in Denton with her husband of 27 years, and her two Chihuahua mix puppies, Nada and Todo.

She continues to help adults manage their anxieties and stress through coaching, speaking and workshops.